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"This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption ... Beer." -- From that one Robin Hood movie that I really like but most people don't.

In case you missed the brew-ha-ha of a blind beer tasting the Journal did a few weeks back (Beer in the Headlights, Oct. 20) let me sum up: Like Friar Tuck, Humboldtians are passionate about beer.

But we don't just love it, we make it. At the risk of being repetitive, our remote region is wicked beer blessed with five local tongue-tempting coalitions -- from north to south, Six Rivers Brewery, Mad River Brewery, Redwood Curtain Brewery, Lost Coast Brewery and Eel River Brewery. Beer is truly "Humboldt's other vice."

Then, after we make it, we drink it -- oftentimes together in large numbers. Earlier this year, you slurped your way through Hops in Humboldt in Fortuna. Then, you chugged down at Hoptoberfest in Blue Lake. This week the Humboldt beer calendar closes another year in grand fashion. For 'tis once again time for the StrangeBrew Beerfest, taking place this year at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Eureka Theater. All our local breweries and many regional breweries will bring the sudsy yum. All you need to do is designate a driver (well, and fork over $30/$25 in advance).

Why strange? Beer drinker's tongues will be tweaked. In years past, the event has featured whiskey barrel-aged beers, vegetable/fruit/herb/plant/kitchen sink ales and multi-yeast and bacteria fermented concoctions. Should you go, your tongue will make new friends.

The night also features "sports" -- well, sports that are suitable for tipsy players (cornhole, beer pong). The evening's soundtrack is brought to you by Don's Neighbors and some bitch … oh, excuse me, Sumbitch.

Now, in the likely chance that you're inspired by all the brewing artistry at StrangeBrew, well, your weekend beer odyssey can and should continue. The Humboldt Homebrewers are celebrating Learn to Homebrew Day on Sunday with an intimate day of beermaking with the likeminded. It's at some dude's house and we're not going to print his address here -- beer raids are real! -- so if you're interested, you should call 616-0749. And if you go, be nice and bring a snack. Oh, and beer.

Beer is here! Beer is now! For more info on StrangeBrew, visit For more info on the Humboldt Homebrewers, check out For more info on beer, drink some.


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