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OF 13
Volunteer service providers have one-on-one face time with homeless people. Photo by David Lawlor
“The big problem is drinking — I’ll just let things go, I’ll stop eating,” says Thomas, who struggles with bipolar disorder and was homeless for years until recently. Photo by Heidi Walters
Brad Elliott, a traveler who these days is volunteering daily at Arcata Endeavor, with his little dog Siren and a friend’s dog-beast, Jazz, who’s been running people ragged all morning. Photo by Heidi Walters
Colin Gradek, who owns Clear Water Supply Fire Camp Support with his dad, Ken, cleans the sinks on the side of one of their shower trucks. Photo by Heidi Walters
Ida Earl, a volunteer with Arcata Endeavor and a member of the organization’s board, says feeding people makes her feel good. “Nothing has as much of an impact as having a full belly,” she says. Photo by David Lawlor
Courtney Voth, a student at Fredrick and Charles Beauty College, giving a free haircut. “A lot of young women have been wanting layered haircuts,” says the college’s owner, Jeanie Scott. Photo by David Lawlor
HSU student nurse Todd Dixon gets ready to check J.D.’s blood pressure, which might have risen a tad after his fright with the flu shot. Photo by Heidi Walters
At the Raven Project table**, left to right: Will Earlywine, Anna Thieleman (Raven’s manager), Jackie Brennan, Kayla Cervantes and Zachariah Byrd. Photo by Heidi Walters
Colorful packets of condoms are among the piles of practical booty at the Raven Project table. Photo by Heidi Walters
Maggie Davis, with her son Jeffrey, waits to get a haircut. Photo by Heidi Walters
Alexander Brewer, happy all day because he’s helping people gather up fresh clothes, and one of the Project Homeless Connect organizers, Elizabeth Conner. Photo by Heidi Walters
Michael Weiss is a health education specialist with the North Coast AIDS Project. Photo by David Lawlor

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