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I was amazed at the in-depth article regarding the Fair Association Board and what appears to be its small town, petty attitude ("Ferndale Gothic," Feb. 28). Regardless of who owns and publishes the Ferndale newspaper, the Fair Association Board should conduct its meetings professionally -- according to the article, Ms. Cindy Olson "feels threatened by using a digital recorder, the necessity to follow the rules of the Brown Act, and that "that board members should not be made to look bad" by being quoted/reported in the newspaper. Ms. Olson did indeed "look bad" by not wanting her photo taken and by protesting the aforementioned points. Meetings should be conducted quickly, accurately and professionally. Ms. Olson "doth protesteth too much." With this kind of attitude, I submit Ms. Olson should be eliminated from the Fair Association Board and someone who isn't afraid of doing a credible job should be brought in. It is only common sense.

Further, if these meetings were conducted similar to business meetings, no one would be "fired" after 22 years of service without due process or a legitimate reason. None of this seems to have occurred, and I would suggest that perhaps Mr. Titus should retain a wrongful discharge attorney. After all, "fair is fair" -- no pun intended.

Audrey J. Chapman, Sonoma


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