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Fair Play For Fascists


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Noelle Andrade writes “it is outrageous ... for this publication to dedicate space to an openly racist political party candidate ...” and demands “an explanation/apology” (“Mailbox,” Sept. 4). I have an explanation: Free Speech!

For Andrade’s edification, free speech means free to all of us, not just those who agree with her. I’m opposed to [National Socialist Order of America presidential candidate John Taylor] Bowles’ ideals, and I have a right to state that. I’m opposed to Bush’s ideals, as well as McCain’s and Palin’s, and I live in a country where I can state that and vote against them. I live in a country where the press is free to give me all the information I need to make decisions about elections. Thankfully, the press is not governed by Andrade, who would have the press infuse their opinions into informational articles by “ridiculing” some candidates and elevating the importance of others.

The information should speak for itself. Unlike most other mainstream media, the Journal is providing information about third-party candidates so that I know what Bowles stands for, as well as Obama or McCain. From that, I can make an informed decision. If I choose to send donations to Bowles, I have every right to do that, and to know where to send the money. Every citizen has the right to support the candidate they believe and get unbiased information about them.

I fervently hope that a candidate like Bowles will never receive the popular support of the people, but I also fervently hope that the people always have access to unsullied information about him.

Katherine Almy, McKinleyville


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