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Faith in Justice




While we read headlines in the media of people dying in the city streets of Egypt to protest, among other things, the influence of their own religion on their government, we see the mayor of our county's largest town arrogantly mixing his own religion with city government in the city of Eureka ("Blog Jammin'," Jan. 31).

Mayor Jager sounds a lot like George Bush when he is quoted in this paper as responding to the possibility of a lawsuit with the famous words, "Bring it on!" As it stands, the court will decide whether or not a mayor's prayer breakfast provided in official capacity by the mayor for the faithful of the community is constitutional. In the meantime, I'd like to see a less demeaning and dismissive tone taken by the mayor in public utterances related to the person bringing the suit and her attorney who are, after all, pursuing their own rights in a perfectly legal and acceptable fashion.

 Jean Munsee, McKinleyville

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