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Barry Evans, you have a way of twisting my dials and tuning out my comfortable senile static.

Your article on copiers ("Not Your Father's Evolution," Feb. 2): bless you, we are all copiers and must be in order to sustain the status quo of progress. The better things become (ample food, shelter, peace, health, titillation, etc.) the more free time we have to contemplate our navels and hopefully meaningful personal enlightenment. So ...

The tip of Maslow's Pyramid, the ultimate goal of human development, is self-actualization. When one has reached this peak, does one do a touchdown dance and drop dead of "acquisition depletion"?

What if, my friend, what if that ultimate wonderment is but a portal!  You stand on the tip top of primitive man's best guess as to perfection, and you say, "This is just the beginning. Self-actualization may be the key to our next step in evolution: the road to sloughing off this horrid carbon cycle of eating others and crapping them out, of needing a body that must decay and die. The stars await!

Whoa, old girl. These are the words of an aging carbon cycle miscreant close to decaying and death. (Where is your over-view, Mrs. Betz?

You must let me relax and not think awhile. I've the laundry to do today.  However, I know you, and I know you will write something else soon that riles me.  All your articles are read and enjoyed by Bill and me, but these terrific over-view jolts keep my sassiness and my HOPE going. Since we cannot be witness to all that will come, at least we can project a little. Every past theory is born of some poor bastard's wish to know, and, in lieu of that reward, his profound stretch of will to make what he now believes -- his theory -- so before he cashes in. That's the best "know" he/we're going to get on any over viewing.

Do you dig it?

Judie Betz, Eureka

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