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The Maricopa County Arizona Election audit is finally over. An analysis and hand-recount of 2.1 million ballots uncovered only trivial discrepancies: Trump lost approximately 260 votes and Biden gained around 100 more. However, these results will likely be questioned as the amateur auditors, Cyber Ninjas, followed non-standard procedures.

Meanwhile, Trump and his allies are still encouraging new audits in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, both states which Biden won. And in Texas, after receiving a letter directly from Trump, Gov. Abbott is moving forward with a plan to audit Texas's four largest counties; this in a state that Trump clearly won.

What factor motivates these audits? It's not to change results, but rather to maintain doubt in the integrity of U.S. elections now and in the future.

It shouldn't take much. A recently completed CNN poll shows that even today, more than three-quarters of GOP voters and one-third of Independents do not believe Biden won enough votes legitimately in 2020 to be president.

This past presidential election resulted in a January insurrection ("Insurrection in the Capitol," Jan. 14). I fear what might happen in 2024 after Trump and his allies have three more years to revisit supposedly rigged elections and promote the "Big Lie" that Trump won.

 Sherman Schapiro, Eureka


On behalf of the sentient citizens of Humboldt County, let me be the first to extend my condolences to some Republicans regarding the Arizona 'Cyber Ninja' recount. The GOP-led effort actually found 99 more votes for Biden, and had to subtract 261 votes for former President Trump. Terrible development for those that allege the Trumpster won the vote. I think we can all sympathize with the disappointment they feel. In fact, I'm likely not the only reader that has a sick feeling in their stomach at this devastating development. I guess it could have been the KFC Fried Chicken Sandwich I had for lunch, but I'd like to think it is pity for crumbling world view of the election results deniers.

John Dillon, Eureka

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