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Fest Fee Shellfish



Thank you for the insightful article on Arcata Main Street and the Oyster Festival ("Oysters, Beer and Cash," June 6). I have to confess that I decided to boycott the festival three years ago when the organizers jacked up the beer prices and also decided to charge a ridiculous $3 for a paper bracelet that verified that a person was over 21. At the age of 68 I just didn't think that was necessary. Ever since then I have wondered if there was a story behind the story. Your article answered many of my questions.

I wasn't surprised to learn that "the biggest moneymaker at Oyster Fest is beer." I was surprised, however, by Jennifer Koopman's comment that "if it costs you $10 to get in and you buy one less beer, we're OK with that." Well, sure, they're OK. You just paid them for a beer you're not going to get.

The latest attempt to gouge people by charging a $10 admission for the privilege of spending more money seems ridiculous. I can see something like this happening in San Francisco or Los Angeles, but not Humboldt County.

I am going to go out on a limb and predict that this year's festival will be a dismal financial failure. I know I won't be there.

— Bill Morris, Eureka

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