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Fifth District Supervisor



With over 20 years in community service and now with a term as supervisor, Steve Madrone is setting the stage for an incredibly productive four more years.

Sustainable community development and ecological restoration efforts are being flooded by funding from state and federal agencies; and Supervisor Madrone has experience and a proven track record in bringing public funds to benefit our community. In McKinleyville, we could use a big dose of ecologically-sound community development and redevelopment, where we have opportunity while enhancing our green and rejuvenating open spaces. In the rivers that run through our county, we need Madrone's experience, knowledge and vast collaborative network to make sure the funds will be used to keep the water in our rivers, and not damaged or taken away by economic interests in other parts of our state. Vote Madrone for community development and healthy rivers!

Mary Burke, McKinleyville


Steve Madrone is a hard-working supervisor who understands the challenges facing Humboldt County and how to build sustainable solutions. He has proven himself a thoughtful and principled leader. He deserves re-election to continue representing the residents of the Fifth District.

Supervisor Madrone has signed the Climate Pledge sponsored by the Redwood Coalition for Climate and Environmental Responsibility (RCCER), and his work as a county leader embodies the priorities outlined in the pledge. He is a champion for safe, healthy, sustainable transportation options, like walking, biking and public transit. He understands the relationship between our housing crisis and the climate crisis, and how we can address both with better development projects and standards. He is dedicated to ensuring a new generation of high-quality green jobs.

For all of these reasons, RCCER is proud to endorse Steve Madrone for supervisor.

Colin Fiske, Arcata


We have known Fifth District Supervisor Steve Madrone for 40 years and he has earned our deep respect due to his persistently beneficial service to Humboldt County.

Steve's ability to listen to stakeholders, during his tenure as director of Natural Resource Services at RCAA, was critical to the development of the Hammond Trail. His dedication to community and environmental sustainability earned endorsement by the Yurok Tribal Council, which stated: "He is a strong leader who understands the issues that are most important to us."

Steve has worked tirelessly to restore fish habitat on the Mattole, Klamath, Trinity and many other watersheds. Steve is an advocate for water conservation exemplified by his work with Trinidad and Westhaven. We have personally seen Steve going door to door in McKinleyville on many weekends to familiarize himself with his constituents and their concerns.

Personal communication is more important than signs.

Please vote for Steve.

 Martin Smukler, McKinleyville


Steve Madrone has the integrity and experience, living in the Fifth District for over 35 years, to continue to serve as the supervisor for the Fifth District. He has many accomplishments during his current term, including voting for wage and benefit increases for deputy sheriffs, helping to complete a section of the Hammond Trail west of U.S. Highway 101, worked to prevent the Dollar General store from obtaining a liquor license because they are across the street from McKinleyville High School and assisted in cleaning and improving Widow White Creek that runs through Ocean West Mobile Home Park, to name a few.

Steven Madrone is a "bridge builder" between the citizens of the Fifth District and agencies, businesses, schools and tribal members. Please vote for Madrone on June 7 so he can continue the fine work he has begun.

Lynn Adams, McKinleyville

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