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First Saturday Night Arts Alive!

Saturday, Dec. 6, 6-9 p.m.



Proudly presented by USBank, with Eureka Main Street and the Humboldt Arts Council. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and/or performances are Saturday, December 6, from 6-9 p.m. Phone 442-9054, for more information or to have a listing included.

1.WORLD CUP 1626 F St. Lauren Sarabia, photographs of Asia.

1a. F STREET CAFÉ 1630 F St. Laura White, paintings; Jeff Davis, photographs; Mike Stengl, watercolors.

2. THE INK PEOPLE CENTER FOR THE ARTS 411 12th St. Main Gallery: Artists’ Challenge, 15 pieces created in 30 days; Brenda Gallery: Valerie McIntyre, Dinner for Two, dinnerware.

3. THE SHIP’S INN 821 D St. Tam Moore, Study of the Masters; Holiday Open House.

4. HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St. Performance Rotunda: A Celtic Christmas with Hearthfire (6-7:30 p.m.) and Scatter the Mud 7:30-9 p.m.; Performance Rotunda Gallery: Art in Motion, mannequins that have been on display in businesses now part of silent auction with final auction December 10 at 7 p.m.; William Thonson Gallery: HAC Annual Member Exhibition; Homer Balabanis Gallery: Morris Graves, Selections from the Humboldt Art Council Permanent Collection; Knight Gallery: Victor Jacoby, Weaving Heritage; Anderson Gallery: A Complimentary Compilation, group exhibition; Mel Schuler Sculpture Garden: pieces from Jan Milstead’s sculpture collection; 2nd Saturday Family Arts Day Gallery: Basketry Art.


5. EUREKA OLD GLASS HOUSE AND ANTIQUES 604 F St. “See the Future at”

6. PRAXIS 530 F St. Mark McKenna, photographs of Amy Lou bags.

6a. DALIANES TRAVEL 522 F St. Lisa Marie Waters, pastel paintings and prints.

7. SWANLUND’S PHOTO 527 F St. Ansel Adams, photographs.

7a. OBENTO 517 F St. The Heiffer Project.

8. SACRED PALACE--BIKRAM YOGA--HUMBOLDT 516 5th St. Imagl Dei, oil on canvas and acrylic paintings; Dance Extravaganza benefits HSU.

9. HUMBOLDT JIUJITSU GYM 509 H St. Major Players, group show.

10. EUREKA SPA 601 5th St.

11. ARKLEY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 406 G St. Music by Pine Hill Elementary School Choir, pianist Ryan Birdwell and Gospel Outreach Youth Choir.

12. PLAZA DESIGN 427 F St. Accordion music by Lorna Brown; Judy Evanson, paintings.

13. NORTH COAST DANCE 426 F St. Open rehearsal for The Nutcracker.

14. SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art and Engineering, 401 5th St. Bryce Gray, mixed media and watercolors.

15. WACHOVIA SECURITIES/AG EDWARDS 318 5th St. Allan Sanborn, watercolors.

16. AMIGAS BURRITOS 317 5th St. Marsha Lee, photographs.

17. COCHRANE AND ASSOCIATES 402 E St. Barbara Pulliam and Werner Maneck, various media.

18. EMPIRE SQUARED 47 W. 3rd St. The After Party, group show.

19. CHERI BLACKERBY GALLERY at the Studio, 272 C St. Holiday Sale. Preview from 5-6 p.m.; music by the Studio’s Community Choir and Tosh’s Angel Choir at 6:30p.m.

20. ACCIDENT GALLERY 210 C St. Andrew Daniel; Phyllis Barba, Everything Under The Sun; music by Weather Machine.

21. C STREET HALL GALLERY 208 C St. Logan Olson, Curtis Otto, Georgia Long, Jane Higley, Seth Smith, Rachel Schleuter, John Crater, Augustus Clark, Tom Klapproth, John King, Regina Case, Natalie Craig and Eric Furman.

22. RELFECTIONS 202 C St. Yvonne Kern, seasonal inspirations.

23. OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING GALLERY 139-B 2nd St. Sara Starr, paintings and tiles; Renaissance music by Collegium Musicum.

24. STEVE AND DAVE’S 1st and C sts. Music by Dr. Squid; John Harland, photographs.

24a. THE TREASURE TROVE 220 1st St. Sharon Collins, paintings, greeting cards and hand painted ornaments.

25. CHAPALA CAFE 201 2nd St. Southwest artists’ prints.

25a. HUMBOLDT COUNTY GENERAL STORE 219 2nd St. Erick Wright, mixed media on canvas and aerosol paints.

26. GOOD RELATIONS 223 2nd St. Nancy Ensign, Fantasy Figure Drawing, drawings.

27. CONSIDERATIONS at CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVES 300 2nd St. Valeri Carmen, watercolors.

28. ART OF WINE 308 2nd St. Ralphie Hendrix, Victoria Ryan, Pete Zambas and Sara Starr.

28a. NORTHCOAST KNITTERY 320 2nd St. Jennifer Mackey.

29. RUSTIC WEST TRADING CO. 339 2nd St. Cara Rider, mosaics; Denie Debets, glass infusion; Kathy Lee Crosby, needle works.

30. CIARA’S IRISH SHOP 334 2nd St. Judy Willis, paintings.

30a. CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM 3rd and E sts. Native American artists George Blake, Celinda Lewis, Alice Lincoln-Cook, Theresa McCullum, Ellen Poitras and Cheryl Seidner; exhibits on the ‘50s, radios, soup, paperdolls and Eureka Schools.

30b. OLARG Gallery 317 3rd St. Atrium: Sarah Gray, Life’s Surroundings, photographs; music by Mike Craghead and Sari; Mentor Gallery: Carl Baggett, photographs.

31. THE BEAD SHOPPE 418 3rd St. Jane Reed, Creature Creations.

32. ANNIE MAGNOLIA 424 3rd St. Liz Garrett, sea art.

33. GAIA IMPORTS 426 3rd St. Fusion belly dance.

34. SHIPWRECK 430 3rd St. Lucas Thornton, Jake Mondragon, Marc McClendon and Sharon Letts; music by Hey Eleanor at 9 p.m.

35. THE RITZ TEPANYAKI 3rd and F sts. Suza Lambert.

36. CIN CIN ALL ITALIANA 201 3rd St. Richard Dunning.

36a. CAFE NOONER 409 Opera Alley. Mari Persson, black and white portraiture.

37. HUMBOLDT BAYKEEPER 211 E St. Marie Raphael, nature photographs; music by David Isley.

38. RAMONE’S 209 E St. Saundra Kamman Allusions, watercolors; Emily Chez, paintings; music by the Sidekicks.

39. BOOKLEGGER 402 2nd St. Art of the written word.

40. TRUCHAS GALLERY/LOS BAGELS 403 2nd St. Riley Salant-Pearce, photographs.

41. BELLE STARR 405 2nd St. Patty Davis, paintings.

42. OLD TOWN SQUARE 2nd and F sts.

43. NORTH SOLES FOOTWEAR 417 2nd St. Ste. 102. Mallory Garcia, photos, paintings and pastels.

44. 1st STREET GALLERY 422 1st St. Holiday Invitational Exhibition: Kellie Jo Brown, Erica Botkin, David Jordan, Claudia Lima, Sierra Pahl and Charissa Schulze; Nina Groth, The Sojourn Series, paintings.

45. GRAYSTONE JEWELERS 1st and E sts. Colored stone trunk show.

45a. HEALTHSPORT BY THE BAY 423 1st St. Saundra Kamman, watercolors and landscapes.

46. SEA BREEZE CANDY AND TEE’S F St. Plaza. “Life is Good” line.

47. SHOE ENVY 108 F St.

48. VANITY 109 F St. Curtis Otto, Government and Money; DJ Hazey.

49. STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS 123 F St. Barbara Macdonald, bird photographs.

50. BELLA BASKETS 412 2nd St. Sandy Popko, photographs; Kathleen Baker; tastings with Bless My Soul.

51. GEPPETTO’S 416 2nd St. Toys, cards and gifts.

52. COTTON WORKS 402 2nd St. Ellizabeth Anderson, jewelry.

53. EUREKA BOOKS 426 2nd St. Book signing with local children’s authors Barbara Kerley, Mary Nethery, Pamela Service and Natasha Wing.

54. SHORELINES GALLERY 434 2nd St. Sea Parrot, glass kaleidoscopes.

55. MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 2nd St. Nan Penner, Robes of Spirit; Kathryne DeLorme, masks.


57. TALISMAN 214 F St. Annual Advent Calendar, artists create one-of-a-kind ornaments as benefit for CASA.

58. MOON’S 218 F St.

59. SASAFRASS 226 F St. Julie Frith, Kinetic modern mobiles.

60. ALIROSE BOUTIQUE 228 F St. Amanda Elizabeth Woodward, watercolors.


61a. CODY AND COMPANY ART, ANTIQUES, AND COLLECTIBLES 527 4th St. Stock Schlueter, Mel Schuler, Sam Swanlund, George Van Hook, Suk Choo Kim, Scott North, Vaughn Hutchins, Frances Boettcher, Ken Jarvela, Harry Blumenthal, Jim Lowry and Linda Mitchell, paintings and photographs.

62. COCO AND CUVEE 531 3rd St. Amber Billings, photographs.

63. DISCOVERY MUSEUM 3rd and F sts. Kids Alive, reflective art.

64. AMERICAN INDIAN ART AND GIFT SHOP 241 F St. Dawn Woodman, beadworks.

65. OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 233 F St. All member holiday boutique.

66. BON BONIERE 215 F St. Jessica Martinez and Crystal Macias, photographs of Volunteer experience in Capetown, South Africa; music by Dale Winget.

67. OLD TOWN COFFEE and CHOCOLATES 211 F St. 5th Annual Pacific Northwest Wonders Amateur Photography Contest.


69. HOLLYGOLIGHTLY 514 2nd St. Phil Faulkner, 3D art glass sculpture.

70. OBERON GRILL 516 2nd St.

71. LINEN CLOSET 127 F St. Visual and literary PTA Reflection competition entries for grades K-12.

72. HURRICANE KATE’S 511 2nd St. What in the World is Carl Muecke Up To?, sculptures.

73. BLISS 527 2nd St. Bob and Donna Sellers.

74. SPA AT PERSONAL CHOICE 130 G St. Art of relaxation.

75. HIMALYAN RUG TRADER 529 2nd St. Macedonian music by the Ethniks.

76. BUHNE ART STUDIOS 207 G St., 2nd Floor. Studio 102: Karen Merry, watercolor and mixed-media paintings and pen-and-ink works; The Artist’s Connection Studio 116: Pamela Reeder and Michelle Murphy-Ferguson.

77. HUMBOLDT CARPET SHOWROOM 2nd and G sts. 5th annual E2 Card Show, tiny works on playing cards feature local artists including Jeremy Hara, Donovan Clark and Forrest Stearns.

78. SUKI BOUTIQUE 612 2nd St. Rob Vandivelt.

79. PIANTE GALLERY 620 2nd St. Jim McVicker, paintings.

80. BODY OF LIGHT 622 2nd St. Hand massages.

81. SMUG’S PIZZA 626 2nd St. Art by Brandon.

82. SALON M 630 2nd St. Grand Opening; Reg Mintey, pottery; Tina Mori, photographs; Michele Mori, vintage jewelry.

83. CLOUD 9 STUDIO 634 2nd St. AnnaLisa McLaughlin, animal celebration features paintings in acrylic.

84. AVALON 3rd and G sts.h

85. FRONT PORCH at Lost Coast Brewery, 615 4th St. Handcrafted metalwork.

86. STUDIO S 717 3rd St. Local artists, The Best of, paintings.

87. HAS BEANS 738 2nd St. Norman Duplantis, Mediterranean architecture.

88. BIGFOOT COMPUTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHS TOO... 905 3rd St. 15-minute Photoshop Lessons on the hour; 8x10 photographs contest.

89. ANTIQUES AND GOODIES 1128 3rd St. Dolores Polm, paintings; Kathleen Becler, English hand knits.

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