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First Saturday Night Arts Alive!

Saturday, Nov. 2, 6-9 p.m.


Presented by the Humboldt Arts Council and Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and/or performances are held the first Saturday of each month. Phone (707) 442-9054 or go to for more information or to have an exhibit or performance included.

A. GALLERY GARAGE Ninth and F streets. "Noche Humanos," Kelly Myers, artist/writer, mini book signing.

1. EUREKA INN 518 Seventh St. Lauren Cogan Jones, mixed media.

2. HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at the Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St. Performance Rotunda: Music by Blue Lotus Jazz. William Thonson Gallery: 19th Annual Junque Arte Competition and Exhibition, juried show. Judged by SCRAP Humboldt, sponsored by Linda Wise. Atrium & Rotunda Gallery: Selections from the HAC permanent collection. Homer Balabanis Gallery: Humboldt Artist Gallery featuring representational and abstract paintings, prints, jewelry, photographs and ceramics. Anderson Gallery and Knight Galleries: Humboldt Arts Council Annual Members Exhibition, juried show. Awards selected by the visitors to the exhibition. Vote for your favorite! Floyd Bettiga Gallery: "Dia de los Muertos," Gilbert Castro, ceramic tiles with iconic symbols. Youth Gallery: Lunchbox Envy, cookbook and how-to guide, original photographs of kids cooking.

3. EUREKA THEATER 612 F St. Free big-screen fun with cartoons, shorts and classic films, plus popcorn and sodas.

4. REDWOOD ART ASSOCIATION 603 F St. "Winter Exhibition," 96 artists, 124 works of art on display, Duane Flatmo, guest judge.

5. BOHEMIAN MERMAID 511 Sixth St. Lyn Johnson, fine hand knits.

6. DALIANES 522 F St. Annelise Farquhar (a junior at NPA), photography. Music by John David Young Conspiracy.

7. F ST FOTO GALLERY at Swanlund's Camera 527 F St. "The Fernbridge Revisited," members of the Redwood Camera Club, photographs.

7a. THE LOCAL 517 F St. Chris Henry, paintings. Music by Sarah Tores

7b. REDWOOD MUSIC MART 511 F St. Music by Winema Winds, woodwind quintet made up of members of the Scotia Band.

8. SACRED PALACE BOUTIQUE 516 Fifth St. "Day of the Dead," Abby Blue, sugar sculpture, ceramics. Music by Ron Villagrana.

8a. EUREKA STUDIO ARTS 526 Fifth St. "The Direct Portrait: Portrait Painting from Life," Rachel Schlueter. Stock Schlueter, Kathy O'Leary, Linda Mitchell, Micki Dyson Flatmo, Brent Eviston, Amy Stewart and Joan Gold.

9. MIKKIMOVES LIVING ROOM GALLERY 805 Seventh St. "Small town: BIG ART," calendar and photo show by Monica Topping, including pieces from many of the involved artists. Calendar and photos include Peggy Loudon, Rae Robison, Laurel Skye, Scott Hemphill, Scott Cocking, Elizabeth Berrien, Linda Wise, Christina Anastasia, Darin Mitchell, Duane Flatmo, Colin Vance and Matt Filar. A portion of proceeds from the retail sales will benefit the Arcata Arts Institute. Music by PATRONUS.

10. EUREKA SPA AND SALON 601 Fifth St. Complimentary hair chalking, braiding, stress fix ritual. Artist TBA.

11. BOLLYWOOD INDIAN CUISINE 535 Fifth St. Artist Chrissy Fracker, portraits. Music by Halsey Ray.

11a. ROSE'S BILLIARDS 535 Fifth St. Music TBA.

12. SEWELL GALLERY FINE ART 423 F St. Judy Evenson, watercolors. Conrad Calimpong, ceramics. Shannon Sullivan, sculpture. Music by Lisa Baney. Beverages benefit Access Humboldt.

13. BLACK LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLE CAFÉ 440 F St. Stephen Brisken, motorcycle photography.

13. NORTH COAST DANCE 426 F St. Nutcracker open rehearsals.

14a. SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art and Engineering, 401 Fifth St. "Celestial Vision," Gwen Ontiveros.

15. AMIGAS BURRITOS 317 Fifth St. Celebrating 100 years, Humboldt County Farm Bureau will have the top 10 winners of "Barns of Humboldt County" photo and art contest on display. Coffee Shop: "Ocean Scenes," Vince Cavataio, photography.

15a. PRIMATE TATU 139 Fifth St. "Old School Art," Michael Arneson.

16. CHERI BLACKERBY GALLERY and THE STUDIO 272 C St. "The Deep Blue: Art Inspired by the Ocean," group exhibition, drawings, paintings, ceramics, mosaics, sculpture, video and photography.

17. C STREET STUDIOS & HALL GALLERY 208 C St. Mike Vittielo and Curtis Otto.

18. SAILOR'S GRAVE TATTOO 138 Second St. Tattoo-related art, antiques and memorabilia.

18b. MANTOVA'S TWO ST. MUSIC 124 Second St. Island music.

18c. THE BLACK FAUN GALLERY 120 Second St. "Of Silhouettes and Shadows," Gail McDowell, large-scale figurative collage.

19. GALLAGHER'S IRISH PUB 139 Second St. Ron Thompson, oil paintings.

19a. STEVE AND DAVE'S First and C streets. Marni Schneider, photography.

19b. REDWOOD CURTAIN 220 First St. Sharon Millman, acrylic on canvas, applied using brushes or palette knives, landscape and portrait paintings. Far East gala opening at 8 p.m.

20. BAR-FLY PUB AND GRUB 91 Commercial St. Marnie Schneider. Art from Kathleen Bryson's private collection. Music by The Last Match at 9 p.m.

21. CHAPALA CAFE 201 Second St. Kylan Luken, photography.

21a. GOOD RELATIONS 223 Second St. "Fear No Evil," Laura Granados, mixed media ink, charcoal and collage.

22. HUMBOLDT HERBALS 300 Second St. Ginny Webster, photography, "Dia de Los Muertos," Tina Ball, face art, modeled by staff. Music by Josephine Johnson, acoustic guitar and song.

22b. NORTHCOAST KNITTERY 320 Second St. Celebrating our fifth anniversary. Classic Elite Yarn launch and book signing.

23. THE SIREN'S SONG TAVERN 325 Second St., Suite 102. Blake Reagan, paintings. Music by The Hip Joint.

23a. BRENDA TUXFORD GALLERY 325 Second St. "Dia de los Muertos" community art and altar show. Refreshments, live music and performances.

23b. ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CENTER 325 Second St. "Acrylic Vision," Ken Nunes, acrylic paintings. Music by Silver Hammer.

23c. RUSTIC WEST TRADING CO. 339 Second St. Loreta Flemingaite-Bright, Baltic amber. Rita Smith-Fowlkes, handmade dolls. Amy Simon, chainmail jewelry. Norm Leverette, leather and woodwork.

24. CIARA'S IRISH SHOP 334 Second St. Mary Anderson, oil paintings.

24a. CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM 240 E St. 100th Anniversary of 4-H and the Cooperative Extension in Humboldt County. 4-H representatives answering questions and signing up new members. Music by Redwood Dixie Gators. Humboldt Hot Sauce sampling.

25. STUDIO 424 424 Third St. James Reid and Mark McKenna, photography.

26. SHIPWRECK 430 Third St. Jonathan DeSoto, reclaimed wood and new works.

27. CAFÉ NOONER 409 Opera Alley. "Empowerment Art" by various local artists. Music by John Myers and Jim Silva, acoustic guitar.

27a. CLARKE PLAZA Third and E Sts. Darci Gibson, 4-H dog-training obedience group presentation 6-8 p.m.

28. HUMBOLDT BAYKEEPER 211 E St. Music by Kenny Ray & the Mighty Rovers.

28a. RAMONE'S 209 E St. Cynthia Nobel, watercolors. World folk music by Musaic.

30. TRUCHAS GALLERY/LOS BAGELS 403 Second St. "Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead," Greta Turney.

31. BELLE STARR 405 Second St. Matt Landman, photography.

31a. NORTH SOLES 407 Second St. "Watercolors," Alan Sanborn's watercolor students.

33. HSU FIRST ST. GALLERY 422 First St. "Forest Invisible," Young Suh, photography. "A Moment In Time: 8 photographers from California's North Coast," Julie Clark, Ricardo Febré, Nicole Jean Hill, Vaughn Hutchins, Suk Choo Kim and Ellen Land-Weber, photography.

34. BAYFRONT RESTAURANT 1 F St. Plaza. Richard Duning, paintings.

35. LIVING THE DREAM ICE CREAM 1 F St. Lisa Green, pop portraits.

36. EUREKA FABRICS 414 Second St. Textile art.

37. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HERS 416 Second St. Billiam Allyn, photography.

37a. YARN 418 Second St. Allison Jones Marsh, photography.

38a. EUREKA BOOKS 426 Second St. Bride of Field Notes book signing with author Barry Evans.

38c. MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 Second St. "Half Embalmed: Anthropomorphic Taxidermy and Natural Curiosities," Simone Smith.

40. THE WINE SPOT 234 F St. Mini show with 17 local artists.

41. OLD TOWN JEWELERS 311 F St. Alan Sanborn's critic class.

42. COCO & CUVEE 531 Third St. Jennifer Backman-Stone, acrylic on canvas, watercolor and mixed media.

43. DISCOVERY MUSEUM Corner of F and Third streets. Kids Alive program drop-off 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Call for reservations 443-9694.

44. OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 233 F St. Dave Van de Mark, photography.

45. HUMBOLDT BAY COFFEE 526 Opera Alley. Robert Walker, photography. Face painting and music by Mariachi Herencia Band.

46. OLD TOWN COFFEE and CHOCOLATES 211 F St. Muir Adams, photo class exhibit. Music by Mike Craghead and Sari Baker.

47. OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING Second and F Sts. "Odds and Ends," Eric Fidjeland, watercolor on paper.

49a. FIVE ELEVEN 511 Second St. Rob Hampson, nine large format oil paintings, many of them multiple panels. Music by Uptown Kings at 10 p.m.

50. WOLF DAWG 525 Second St. Live painters from Lighthouse Fortuna/Arcata, headed by Elizabeth Holloway. Music by Steve Clark and Denise Fraga, contemporary folk/rock.

50b. HUMBOLDT HARDWARE 531 Second St. Auction.

52. HUMBOLDT BAY TOURISM CENTER Second and G streets. Linda Mitchell, paintings.

53. ORANGE CUP CORAL SALON 612 Second St. Rob Hampson, abstract oil paintings.

54. PIANTE 620 Second St. "Water Ways," Becky Evans, mixed media sculpture and paintings.

55. SMUG'S PIZZA 626 Second St. Brandon Garland, pen and ink.

56. ORIGIN DESIGN LAB 621 Third St. "Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead," altars, prints, jewelry and multimedia.

57. STUDIO S 717 Third St. Multiple artists, artists' choice.

58. ADORNI CENTER 1011 Waterfront St. "Barks Alive, Arts Alive! Unleashed!," Marianna Krattiger, Keith Anders, Rosealie Thompson, Susie Freese, Caitlin Whitewolf, Sarah Cory and Greg Beaumont. Dog-related mixed media art benefitting Eureka Dog Park.

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