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First They Came for the Truckers Parade

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A letters submission decried the recently restored Truckers Christmas Parade as a waste of fuel (Mailbox, Oct. 10). It is a much loved family friendly event but some find fault with events they don't personally enjoy while enjoying others that also waste resources.

The kinetics race is a good example. Not the contestants but all the hoopla associated which draws thousands of resource-wasting onlookers to Arcata and Ferndale, and most drive to the event. The apple fair in Fortuna has to go. You think all those hordes walked to the event? The recent Medieval Festival of Courage is another. Think those attendees are from Blue Lake? The Blues Fest at Redwood Acres, Fortuna Rodeo, even Arts Alive. What a waste of precious resources, as most don't walk to the event. Try parking downtown at 7 p.m.

I join the letter writer in calling for an end to all events in Humboldt. I'm certain they wouldn't pick and choose which resource wasting festivals solely on their own enjoyment and fun, while selfishly rejecting others that are equally enjoyed, just not by them.

John Dillon, Eureka


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