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First They Came for ...



I find Joshua Kinch's nationalist rantings (Mailbox, Feb. 16) as repugnant as I find Donald Trump's administration.

The feds are coming into Humboldt County to round up "undocumented" residents. The Trump administration is already working to undermine a woman's right to choose around the world, and attacks on those same rights are imminent here in America. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is likely to institute a crackdown on California's cannabis industry in due time.

We may not be able to stop the Feds, but we can choose not to be collaborators in their unjust actions. We can stand together as one and defend the fabric of our community, or we can stand by and watch as it is unraveled one thread at a time. If we fail to defend the most vulnerable, it's hardly worth calling this a community at all.

If you want to send a message to our local governments that you will not sit silent and say nothing, you can start by signing the petition at www.OurWatchHumboldt.org and tell them, not on our watch!

Richard Salzman, Arcata

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