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Midnight in Paris may have brought Charlie's woody back but it took two Viagras just to get me through it (Filmland, June 16).

I went on the pretense of Charlie's review. I am normally not a big Woody Allen fan but like a couple of his flicks. And while I found the idea a witty foundation for a movie, I thought it was often in need of development both with the characters and plot. I would have much rather seen [Allen] himself playing the protagonist in the film instead of Wilson. It was quite apparent Allen was trying to create Owen Wilson into his own image, from Wilson's bumbling dialogs to the Woody Allen designer clothing he sported throughout the film. The cast of artists/writers from yesteryears appeared like zombie escapees from the wax museum (especially Hemingway). Wilson's encounters with each one seemed rushed with no real substance created. The Paris landscape and culture was definitely a high point of the movie, including the performance by the actress who played Owen Wilson's fiancee.

I just wanted to give this chick's perspective and encourage people to save their money at the movie theater and rent it when you've got nothing else better to do.

Mairead Dodd, Kneeland



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