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'Fodder for Gossips'



We really need to focus on important things, not random, monotonous, private conversations between random, monotonous, private citizens ... ("Stop Passing Notes!," Nov. 2)

While I'm a fan of your publication in general and Mr. Greenson in particular, I think that wasting a bunch of effort to find out what some councilmembers are texting about during meetings is a misuse of your time.

Let's face it, these guys aren't really the movers-n-shakers of the world, and, of what you'd find out, I'm guessing it's pretty trivial, even tedious.

Certainly not the YellingHeadline scandal you're looking for. You're looking for story-angles, I get that, but the only thing you're likely to find is day-to-day mundanity; maybe some of it would be good fodder for gossips, but I've always thought your paper was above that sort of thing ...

Kevin Finan, Eureka

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