Rarely have I ever read articles or headlines as slanted or biased as Heidi Walters’ “Pistol Packing People,” printed in your last issue (Sept. 25). Using the California Public Records Act to strong-arm the Sheriff’s Office, Walters obtained a list of local citizens who have legally obtained gun permits in Humboldt County. Then she revealed who some of them were.

Now these people are targets for burglars, who often target gun owners because guns are easy to move on the black market. Walters knew this. She didn’t care. Now she can wait to see if one of these people are killed during a house invasion.

Gutsy journalist! Now security guards, jewelry couriers and former victims of violence must watch over their shoulders for fear someone will target them to obtain their concealed weapons. Nice work, Ms. Walters!

I suspect fewer people than ever will apply for permits for their guns, or may purchase muzzle loaders, which are not regulated.

The reason journalists’ credibility has fallen so low is because so many of them are just like Heidi Walters. They only want a story or to “make a statement,” and they do not care about the consequences. They are so biased nobody trusts them. Without objectivity they lack any credibility.

Not so long ago, newspaper editors kept “reporters” like Walters in line, so in fairness there is blame to go around.

Bill Quinn, Bayside

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