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Fourth World



Where are you, boy who never was?
Draped dead in your father's arms.
Shrouding dust blown by hellish winds
Held settled only by your family's blood.

Where are you going, mother who cannot be?
Looking for a child perhaps?
Looking for a world perhaps?
Those hidden well enough to live?
Well, there are none.
Who of peace escapes a sudden poison?
All you nurtured has been taken.

Where are you now, land that never was?
Another ruin of earth, hardly seen.
Featureless, but for spots where people died,
golden jewelry of war, scattered in necklaces
on a ground,
imprinted with the silhouettes of innocents.

Where are you now, men of steel and poison?
who say you never were?
Blown in and out on storms of hate.
Wringing life from goodness
until earth vomits blood and tears.
Crushed. Gasping up her people to you,
as of this land you make a place,
only a Devil could dream for men.

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