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Free Speech? Tweet




If Marcy Burstiner's daughter really has a message that she wants to disseminate to the masses ("Take the Money and Run With It," March 1), there isn't a damn thing a decision of the Supreme Court can do to stop her. All she needs is a Twitter account.

Twitter rivals the printing press as one of the great revolutionary tools in human communication. Setting up an account is free, as is access to the Internet in the first place (through the use of computers at the Humboldt County Library). Anything you tweet can be seen by any person on the planet with an Internet connection and a computer. 

If Burstiner's daughter has even half the analytical, persuasive and writing skills that her mom posseses, she'll start amassing followers rapidly. To use Marcy's example, her daughter could use Twitter to organize other young people who can articulate why mass homework and short recess periods are destructive. Inevitably, adults like myself would start noticing these Twitter discussions, and we would join in. An expanded public discussion of homework and recess, outside the Twitter framework, would soon follow.

Burstiner laments that her daughter can do no better than spreading a message to the viewers of Community Access Television. Marcy's wrong. Her daughter can reach the whole world through Twitter. #Twitteris4kids2


Eric Black, Eureka


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