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Here, in this North Coast area of California, we have a very concerning, potentially dangerous, and seldom mentioned nuclear storage facility, located not far from shorelines of several area communities ("44 Feet," Sept. 15).

And, this coastline, where the nuclear storage facility sits, is in a renowned earthquake area. An area, just recently, shaken by a 6.4 earthquake!

And, so far, residents of this area have heard no reports of the nuclear facility's condition after this recent shaking, rattling and rolling of the earthquake.

I was never in favor of this nuclear facility on our shores, but I trusted that the circumstances were in competent hands, always well prepared!

But, as I sit writing today (well over a week after the earthquake), no information has surfaced and I am feeling completely abandoned in circumstances that could have serious effects on health and well-being!!

I count on the press to report the standings of situations in the aftermath of circumstances with lethal potentials regarding health and well-being!

Seeking information that is very important finding nothing for eight days is frustrating to say the least!

Kristina Haedrich, Arcata


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