Fuzzy Numbers 

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OF 9
Mark McKenna
A man takes what he can carry from his PalCo Marsh camp.
Mark McKenna
During the May 2 evictions, people loaded bicycles, wagons, shopping carts, baby strollers and pretty much anything on wheels to take out of the marsh.
Grant Scott-Goforth
Eureka police officers allowed people leaving the marsh to store belongings, either in large containers or by shrink-wrapping them on pallets.
Mark McKenna
A sheet with a message of protest sits draped over a station wagon in the Bayshore Mall parking lot, near the site of the May 2 evictions.
Thadeus Greenson
The container housing project at Third and Commercial streets took shape remarkably fast.
Thadeus Greenson
Thadeus Greenson
HumCPR co-founder and Humboldt County Planning Commissioner Lee Ulansey installs a doorknob on a converted shipping container. In all, the container project is housing 40 people.
Thadeus Greenson
The county's Street Outreach Services van, with a free pile of clean clothes at the new container community.

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