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I usually enjoy the North Coast Journal. However, it was a real turn-off to come upon a graphic detail of a sexual act in the Nov. 24 Flash Fiction issue. Not expecting the crudeness, I was soured and concerned that maybe a child would read it, too. Believe me, children of 12 or younger aren't aware of those details, whomever the consenting adults are that may be engaging in it. At least those children who have been sheltered and raised with consideration for their innocence.

NCJ, are you contributing to the "idiocracy" of our community? You can be considerate without using overbearing censorship. The following weeks comments (Mailbox, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8) show that folks like to get their jollies with vulgar words and you are printing it! I could go to a scuzzy, sketchy store in the Bay Area to purchase smut or stay here and purchase a novel with detailed acts of sex or violence but am discouraged to see it within the NCJ.

So I'll take your rag and go pick up the smelly, brown, hunk that a nocturnal roamer left in my front yard, then I'll crumble it up and toss it into the garbage.

Karin Lynch, Arcata

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