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Give Us This Day



Youch! The milk cried,
You are scalding me!

It's OK, the teaspoon said
Stirring the milk gently

The yeast was nervous
There in the curve of the bowl

The salt remained salty
The flour simply inert

Oh! What you don't know, dough!
You are about to come alive!

Then it all came together
Liquid, flour, and life!

The bubbling began
The yeasties swam

The milk nourished them all
The salt said, hold on, Buckaroo

Then there was the gluten
To glue it beautifully together

What a wild and crazy ride
Round and down and pound

And then a rest
Time to grow

No embarrassment in getting gassy
It is, after all, a magic sassy

Now risen, it is almost done
Hey, here comes the hot oven!

James Floss

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