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I would like to know why the anti-P camp is so elusive ("Fear vs. Hope," Oct. 2). We are not "confused consumers," but would like, just as John's cows, to be productive as long as possible and live a long healthy, happy life.

Cheryl Furman, Kneeland


As a local organic farmer I've been following the debate on Measure P very closely, and have been disturbed by the way those opposing Measure P are using every possible argument to try and persuade voters to turn against our local farmers. So, I've made a quick Q & A guide to Measure P.

Q. Can I vote yes on Measure P and still be pro-science?

A. Yes. Measure P isn't about science. It's about the role of GMOs in Humboldt County. You can vote yes without fear.

Q. If Measure P passes, will our farmers still be able to use hybrid seeds?

A. Yes. GMOs are very different from hybridization and other traditional breeding techniques, and comparing the two is like apples and oranges.

Q. I've heard GMO crops will feed all the hungry people in the world. Can I support Measure P without making these problems worse?

A. Yes. Globally, the problem isn't food production, it is corrupt government, lack of infrastructure, and distribution systems. Locally, a yes vote for Measure P will support local food security.

Q. Will I still be able to get my dog his rabies vaccination, grow my medical marijuana, and eat my favorite corn chips?

A. Yes, yes and yes. Measure P won't affect any of these things. Measure P is about supporting our local farmers. A yes vote for Measure P is a yes vote for our economy!

Please vote yes on P!

Dave Feral, Blue Lake

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