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'Go Fly a Kite'

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"Was Humboldt County's public defender hiring slanted toward the prosecution?" reads your recent article (Feb. 9). Of course, is my answer. Government employees have no oversight. This is why, for decades, they received less pay and benefits than the more closely supervised private sector. Now, supervising themselves, they get pay and benefits exceeding those of the private sector. Shamefully, they grant themselves lavish retirement benefits, money which should be spent housing America's poor (homeless).

In California, liberals rule, and we, with the mightiest military on earth, have no southern border. Instead of talking about illegals, local media speaks of "immigrants" as though people from south of the border here illegally qualify for that term. They should be called illegals, not immigrants. Our state is almost ruined by these millions of illegals. Ten percent of our local population is from south of the border; taking school seats, welfare, housing, food stamps, automobiles and medical care, which we, the American Sheeple, pay for in higher taxes.

Local law enforcement refuses to even consider whether or not these people are here legally when they get arrested. They refuse to ask. An immigrant has typically been someone, permitted to be here, who fills needs not filled by locals. Not anyone who shows up, escaping poverty where they are from. Local corporations love the cheap labor, local government loves the people who vote for them. President Trump was elected because he is the first person to actually step up and address this question. Both corrupt political parties now attack him for the audacity. He should be given high praise for being the first person to break the Dem/Repub stranglehold, and get elected. (Look at how many Republicans resisted him.)

Let the One Worlders go fly a kite. Don't be ashamed to stick up for our country.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka


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