As Judy Hodgson noted in her Blog Jammin' item (May 10), "the race (for the new 2nd Congressional District seat) is heating up with just 30 days to election time." Since time is truly short, I would like to encourage everyone to support Norman Solomon in this race. There is a Democrat in the White House, but sometimes you wouldn't know it. Instead of wholly supporting the 99 percent, we have an administration that often displays a more Republican-like behavior. It maintains the defense budget at lofty levels and allows the Bush tax cuts for upper-income earners to continue on. The resulting reduced and misallocated revenues put a substantial squeeze on programs that would benefit the majority of Americans, such as funding for needed infrastructure which would promote job creation, education which would underpin America's future, and health care reform which could help free us from being pawns of the medical insurance industry.

If you want to change this, Norman Solomon deserves your vote. He would support a Democratic administration, but he would also let them know when he disagrees with them. As a long-time progressive, he fully understands and supports the cause of the 99 percent. He would be an advocate for reductions in the defense budget and a transformation of the current private health care system to a more efficient universal single payer one. He would also oppose any privatization of Social Security. Some people are supporting other candidates because they say their candidate is better able to hit the road running. I would say, first look and see what direction the candidate is actually going. In my opinion, Norman Solomon is going in the right direction. His goal is to make America a better place for all of us, and I would hope that that's in the same direction you too would like us to go.

Sherman Schapiro, Blue Lake

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