Since the Journal has a new woman editor this election cycle, as referenced in "My Bully Pulpit" by Judy  Hodgson (May 17), I find it interesting that no one has mentioned how many women are running for office this time around.

My small sample ballot has 13 women running for offices, which seems like a record number to me. In my own district, two women are vying for the county supervisor seat of retiring Supervisor Jimmy Smith. Seven women would like to join the United States Senate, three would like to work for us in Congress and one is hoping to become a State Assembly member.

Cheers to all these women for coming forward and trying to help govern in some very difficult times for this county, our state and the federal government. Although they cannot all be winners, my hope is that more women will be voted into office.

Our country needs this balance.

Marj Early, Eureka

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