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Wish to congratulate the Journal for yet another well written piece on government spending, and the preposterous logic which accompanies it ("Coroner Consolidation Costs County," March 12). The sheriff will have "extra responsibility" even though the burden will actually be borne by two additional employees. Tough for the sheriff to get by on a measly $10,000 a month, so give em a raise! Other counties do (love that one).

The article touched on pension padding, etc. but it would be great to read how government employee unfunded pensions (pensions they granted themselves without bothering to put money aside to pay for them, like we all do on Social Security) is a massive drain on society, and will continue to be the actual reason for so many tax increases. Did I say Ponzi scheme? More effort should be put into analyzing how bureaucracies lie, expand, protect themselves, etc. and less on the negligible differences between the political "parties."

Next government folly to report is the HSU version of Bonfire of the Vanities, and all the race juggling and P.C. folly as regards the makeup of the student body ("35 Days in the Forum," Feb. 26). With all due respect to the indigenous students, I still fail to see why HSU pays for "two full-time recruiters in the Bay Area" (cost on that one?), as well as recruiters in of all places, China, as well as actual paid staff working on behalf of Illegal aliens at HSU.

In a world of Internet access, only the worst fool, (or highest paid recruiter), would actually think of such crap. Minorities band together as Democrats, voting as a block and never dissing one another, while white folk dare to do so at peril of being called every hideous sobriquet imaginable. Minority rule disguised as democracy. Surreal, actually, and our overpaid government uses imaginary fairness or political appointee court decisions to overrule the majority. Baa. The actual problem of population growth and global warming gets lip service, or worse.

— Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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