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'Grateful to be Reminded'



COVID-19 is egregiously exacerbating the inequities that already exist in communities lacking universal healthcare, income supports, and manageable housing costs. I thank Bill Stiles (Mailbox, July 30) for reminding us of the dire conditions faced by our neighbors. 

And I thank Sydney and Mark Larson (July 23) for reminding us of the natural wealth available to all of us and encouraging us to spend more time outdoors. We need this for our physical, mental, and emotional health. I, too, am very privileged: white, male, married well, and survived into retirement with uninterrupted income. 

I'm grateful for being reminded to be more open to the beauty of our world and of the urgency of additional donations to organizations providing services to those with great and pressing needs. 

Here's one: www.foodforpeople.org/. There are others also in urgent need of our dollars. Thank you for actively caring. 

Chip Sharpe, Bayside

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