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Group Democracy


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In response to Ryan Burns' article ("Groupthink," Feb. 7), I share his concern about supervisors who get their support from "developers." It has been less than two months since Estelle got on the Board of Supervisors -- and the sky has not fallen. We have lived past this apocalypse, and I am not seeing the problem. This new advisory group is made up of folks representing both the developers and environmentalists. It was not appointed by the board. Certainly any additional input will be gratefully considered by the board.

The supervisors are embracing a new concept to Humboldt known as democracy. Why weren't you present when the element requiring democracy was being shot down? This was the 1500 section that the League of Woman Voters and the Humboldt County Tax Payers League helped defend. Despite the efforts of planning, it was eventually fixed and passed.

Now that we have a democratic process, and since public input process as defined by the existing plan (1984) was ignored, we must live with another pass at the General Plan Update. Remember the General Plan Update is a mess that the new supervisors have inherited. We should support their efforts as we develop a new plan.

I should apologize. In speaking to the board, I was somewhat caustic. I guess that I am not used to a board that listens to the public. So, Ryan, do you have a specific complaint? Or are you like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling?

Tom Grover, Redway


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