Rather than penalize local, successful entrepreneurs by jacking their utility rates, killing our economy in the process, Arcata should support local businesses ("The Grow Tax," Oct. 4). Create a solar panel farm in the bottoms to supply needed electricity to area businesses. Where there's a will, there's a way. Let's encourage all the people, locals and others, who are helping to make this economic season a successful one for all of Humboldt County.

"Hisss" to those who bring musicians with hate songs to Humboldt County ("Pressure Drop," Oct. 11). "Bravo!" to those who stand against them.

And please vote. While I agree with the ideals of the Green Party ("Jolly Greens," Mailbox, Oct. 11), after nearly 20 years they have failed to build a politically significant grassroots movement. Energy -- and votes -- are better spent on strengthening and improving the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the only entity that stands between corporations that ruthlessly pillage the economy, the environment and us.

Fhyre Phoenix, Arcata

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