If I wasn't already worshiping Jesus, I would be tempted to worship Marcy Burstiner ("Publish or Perish," Jan. 5), or at least hire her as a personal guru. She has captured the social and communicative universe as we know it, diagnosed its ills, and delivered a pointed and powerful prescription for all of us.

 As the biblical Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, "There is nothing new under the sun." The story of the blogging Julius Caesar surely illustrates this well. The difference today is that technology has catalyzed all of the human impulses, removing the barriers that keep them from being realized to a great extent. In making such a variety of experiences so instantly available, though, technology has also made us prone to accepting shallower versions of those experiences that don't deeply satisfy the longings that we have for real connection.

 May we follow Ms. Burstiner's prescription and truly find community and connection.

Bob Mason, McKinleyville

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