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Hail the Burger Queen



I've been meaning to do this for a long time and decided no better than the present. Jennifer Fumiko Cahill is one great asset for the NCJ. Her name initially grabbed my eye because as a kid in South City I took Judo classes from a family named Cahill. I wondered if there was a relation and when I read that first article I was hooked. Not only does she know her stuff on food, and describe the subject beautifully, but she also never fails to make me laugh out loud several times during the article. Her recent article "Burger Quest" (July 2) was no exception. As usual, it was excellent, informative and really funny ("...the mobile defibrillator").

I normally read the NCJ from cover to cover but I usually do a quick read through to see the articles that I might be interested in. Being single and male, I look at the Table Talk articles for something even I could make and which I have ingredients for (which I never do). Although all the contributors to Table Talk are excellent, when I see Jennifer's name on the article I smile knowing it's going to make me laugh. I save it like I do with the bottom of a hot fudge Sundae, and read it last. You know what I mean.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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