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'Harmful to Men'

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Jennifer Fumiko Cahill's Dec. 30 column "Top Dick Moves of 2021" uses the man-hating sexual slur "dick" as the centerpiece of her critique in an ignorant and hurtful way. We shouldn't use sexual slurs against people or classes of behavior that we don't like. It is inhumane. It is especially ignorant to use this term, which is used unambiguously as a derogatory reference to male genitals. It severely limits the credibility of anyone claiming to discourse on matters such as gender equality, LBGTQ politics and other uses of inappropriate language and hate that are presented in this article.

Would the magazine allow a piece to be published that used the derogatory slang "bitch moves" or "cunt moves" to disparage or critique similar categories of human activity? The synonym for dick is penis. Your magazine has chosen to use a slang synonym for penis as a way to shame others you do not like.

Please give a closer look at the ways the NCJ has casually accepted and internalized man-hating terminologies and the corresponding ideological and deeply embedded assumptions you allow to manifest that are harmful to men and to our community.

Sam Neuwirth, Bayside


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