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Having missed my chance to see the new much-ballyhooed fright flick Hereditary at the Minor, I decided to feed my obsession with all things horror by doing a deep dive into one of my favorite films of all time: The Shining. After watching film theory videos on Rob Ager's excellent Collative Learning YouTube channel and reading up on what some of the major critics said about the film, I decided to focus on something which really ties the whole affair together: the soundtrack. Disregarding the excellent but mostly discarded Wendy Carlos score, the movie is full of modern Iron Curtain composers from Krzysztof Penderecki to György Ligeti and some of their chilliest and most jagged works. This stuff works great for scene-stuffing and reactions, but there are hardly any earworms. However, the ballroom tune Midnight, the Stars, and You sung by the wonderful and tragic Al Bowlly has been haunting me all week. So, with a creepy Friday the 13th featured in the cyclical bas relief of this week, I invite you to get haunted in the most delightful way: by good music.

Oh, and if anyone spoils the plot of Hereditary for me, they won't find your corpse in the hedge maze until next spring.


Grant Earl Lavalley hails from the haunted region of Joshua Tree and his sound has been described as desert goth. What does that mean? You can find out tonight at 8:30 p.m. at the Miniplex where he will be joined by local heroes The Tweeners and Blackplate who will likely bring the fun and thunder. $8.


Humboldt Folklife Festival presents its Barn Dance tonight at The Arcata Vets Hall — not in fact a barn but let's not get into semantics here — at 7:30 p.m. ($10/$5 HFF members/children ride free). Come check out this hoedown — again, don't actually bring any farm tools with you — called by Lyndsey Battle with music by Striped Pig String Band. As James Belford calls out to prized pig Empress of Blandings to save the day in P.G. Wodehouse's classic titular tale: "Pig Hoo-o-o-o-ey!"

It's the last Friday the 13th of 2018, so naturally Signals Presents is putting on a Goth Night at the Siren's Song with DJ DastBunny and Large Hardon Collider — huh huh huh. It's free to get in and will be an all-ages event until 10 p.m., after which time someone will undoubtedly put on The Cure's Pornography or some such thing.

Lastly, at 9:30 p.m. at Humbrews, Portland's most famous Talking Heads cover band, LDW, will sing about Psycho Killers and Slippery People for the big white suit set. I'm more of a True Stories man than a Stop Making Sense fellow myself, but to each their own. ($15).


It's the downtown Blue Lake neck of the Humboldt Folklife Festival going on for free all dang day with music by Bayou Swamis, Kingfoot, The Hossettes, and many more.

Marimba and vibraphone percussion duo Easthama — comprised of Claremont, California's Lindsey Eastham and Hiromu Nagahama from Fukuoka, Japan — is playing a concert tonight at the Sanctuary at 7 p.m. ($15/$13 seniors). The award-winning malletin' twosome will bust out some chromatic ecstasy for your lucky ears in the shoe-free confines of the little chapel on J street.

At the same hour over at The Outer Space come check out garage DIY outfit Surf Curse along with fellow Los Angeles-based post-punkers LunchLady. ($8-$10 sliding scale). The always amazing Venus Milk provides local flavor.


The Broadway musical adaptation of P.L. Traver's beloved Mary Poppins series finds its way to the Arkley Center for a 2 p.m. matinee in the midst of a 10-day run of shows. Fun fact: as a child I had an LP picture disc of the soundtrack from the Disney film which I would play at 45 rpm until I was nauseous. This is guaranteed to be several orders of magnitude more fun than that experience. ($16-$25).


To borrow from the doxology, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, here is a recurring joint to liven up our sleepy Monday nights with. At Six Rivers Brewery you can be the star at 8 p.m. when DJ Marv rolls out the karaoke red carpet for all comers. Want to know my perfect karaoke bet? I throw money down for whoever can do a pitch-perfect rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, including the high notes on the wimowehs. This is of course an impossible feat, as anyone drunk enough to do something so obnoxious is in no state to sing anywhere near pitch. And thus, my cash goes unclaimed, as the paradox of the bet prevents anyone from committing such a lewd public act. It's sad, really.


Fresno and Bay Area rapper and one half of defunct duo The Cali Agents, Planet Asia rolls through Eureka tonight to jam at the newish Fifth Street venue Live in Humboldt. Joining him will be Boston rap duo N.B.S. as well as local promotion team Blo Som 'Em Entertainment and Hiway 101. 9 p.m. ($15/$10 advance).


Fiddling founding father of The David Grisman Quintet, Darol Anger brings his newest virtuosic touring jam group Darol Anger and the Rockin' Furies to Humbrews tonight at 9 p.m. Known for its well-honed string mastery and exciting technical theatrics, these Furies are a must-see for fans of the bluegrass side of the jam rock colossus. ($20/$17 advance).

All work and no play makes Collin Yeo a dull boy. He lives in Arcata. He has always lived in Arcata.

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