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Heaven and Hell




The first page I turn to is the second from the last, or thereabouts.

Andrew and Will (“Seven-o-Heaven”) are awesome! I can’t wait to see where they will turn up next, and what they are up to. In fact, I am thinking of posting four-by-eight foot blow-ups of their most recent comic strip on the lawn of every City Hall in Humboldt!

Long live free speech, religious rights, and thoughtful satire!

Roy Henry Marin, Eureka


In support of your goal to provide factual information, please note that the “Seven-o-Heaven” comic of Sept. 24 spelled the name of our organization correctly, but erred in saying “Access Humboldt — tax $$$ well spent.”

For the record, Access Humboldt does not receive “tax $$$.” AH services are supported primarily by cable TV franchise revenue, which is part of the rent paid by cable operators. The remainder of our funds come from social enterprise services, grants, membership dues and tax-deductible contributions.

For more information, go to accesshumboldt.net.

*Libby Maynard, Chair, Access Humboldt Board of Directors*

Ed. reply: Point taken, but we would maintain that the cartoon was technically correct. For one, take those tax-deductible contributions Maynard mentions in her letter. As is the case with any registered nonprofit organization, donations are subsidized by the federal government.

More to the point, though: Access Humboldt leases space from the Eureka City School District on very favorable terms.

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