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'Henching is Alive and Well'


Ms. Cahill's lament about the difficulty of hiring henchx support is typical of trailing-edge Humboldt business owners ("Nobody Wants to Hench Anymore," Oct. 21). Rather than adapting to innovation, she blames her difficulties on the "laziness" of others. Henching is alive and well, Ms. Cahill, but poison darts have gone the way of buggy whips. If she would put in the effort, she'd find that today's henching takes place on Facebook, and that she, like the Russian government and the GOP, can easily find skilled Chinese and Russian students eager to hench on her behalf for pennies on the dollar. Putting some elbow grease in, she'd also find that many GOP politicians right here in America view henching as a synergistic sideline to their day jobs ("owning the libs"), and are willing to hench for next to nothing, when it is routed to them via the Caymans. In reality, it's never been a better time for the henching industry, but only for those who keep up with recent developments in technology. Wake up, Ms. Cahill!

Mitch Trachtenberg, Trinidad

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