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'Her Name Was Ida'



After reading your May 28 issue, I would like to thank you for your article: "Her Name Was Ida" and "A Glimpse Inside Alder Bay." My stepmother moved into Alder Bay in July of 2017 and was placed at the dining table with Ida. As time passed we soon discovered her to be a remarkable and kind soul. Ida took it upon herself to make our family feel right at home. She always would ask about what was new in your life and then maybe inquire if you had seen the latest golf match or ball game of the day.

We would also like to thank the entire Alder Bay staff for their dedication and service to both Ida and our family during the COVID-19 crisis. We will always miss Ida Newell and we always remember the sacrifices and devotion shown by the staff of Alder Bay.

Harry Kavich, Eureka


The families and friends of Ida Newell thank the North Coast Journal, Thadeus Greenson, Mark McKenna and Jennifer Fumiko Cahill for the great job they did on the story "Her Name Was Ida" published in the May 28 issue. This story gives your readers a heartwarming and sensitive look into who Ida was over her 97-year life span. The photos on your website capture her love of life.

We appreciate the related story "A Glimpse Inside Alder Bay." Ida was very happy and well cared for during her four years as a resident of Alder Bay.

On behalf of Evo and Catherine Fanucchi, as well as the Fanucchi, McKenna, Newel and Barkdull families, we ask everyone to keep their residents and staff in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to deal with the deadly COVID-19 virus.

When you think or talk about the first person in our county who died from this virus, don't think of her as a grim statistic in our county's history, just remember, "Her Name Was Ida."

Lynn McKenna, Eureka

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