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Here's the Beef




I'm sure the meat dept at the Sunnybrae Murphy's is a helpful and friendly place -- possibly even deserved of the title bestowed upon them ("Best Purveyor of Rattlesnake" -- "Best of Humboldt, Staff Picks," Sept. 2).

One inaccuracy I felt compelled to correct, however: Mr. Byrd suggested this was the only place in Humboldt County where he could find Painted Hills beef. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him come to the counter at my department in Wildberries, where we have stocked Painted Hills beef for at least the five years that I have been employed there: ribeye, N.Y. steak, tri-tip, cross rib, flat iron steaks and ground chuck.

Open until midnight, top of the hill, G Street.

P.S.: Go easy on those nitrates, Joseph. The jury's still out on them ...

Mike Stengl, Eureka


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