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High Rock on the Eel


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More than two decades ago, I was a frequent swimmer at this spot. That came to a brief stop after I saw a 5-foot sturgeon come to the surface right before I was going to dive in. At the time, I didn't know what it was but was amazed that such a large fish would be in the river. I've gotten over my fear and when the weather is right, I either swim or am on an SUP with my friends. According to locals, it was a favorite swimming spot before the flood of 1964. One side of the large rocky island has the remnants of a diving board and its glory days as a premium swimming hole on the Eel River. 

Rowdy Kelley (he/him) is a TV and film location scout/manager, producer and director with family roots in Humboldt going back to 1900. He's thankful his family is healthy and that we live in such a wonderful environment. See more of his photos on the Humboldt Geographic Facebook page


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