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'Highly Ordered'



I would like to respond to Barry Evans' Field Notes headlined "Mirror Universes" (Oct. 24) in which he states that, "You're more disordered than you were yesterday ..."

While this may be true in our personal lives as far as biology is concerned, we remain highly ordered day after day. Even though cells are continually dying, in living things the cells never move towards chaos, but instead are deconstructed. Their components are either broken down and recycled or turned into waste products that are then eliminated. All of these processes are highly ordered. When living things eventually die, they are deconstructed by other living organisms such as fungi and bacteria.

This process has been on going for the last 3.4 billion years on the earth. When it comes to living systems, the universe is not tending toward chaos at all but, rather, it is highly ordered and organized. This is something that physics simply does not get.

Charles Davy, Bayside

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