I was struck by your latest report concerning the embattled Humboldt Creamery; specifically, by interim CEO Len Mayer's statement that "at least one person, and probably less than two," were involved in fraud ("Creamery in Curdle," March 5).

Leaving aside grammatical quibbles, that announcement does clarify things somewhat -- apparently we can eliminate all potential suspects who are not individual people or perhaps pregnant women -- but it also leaves a few questions unanswered -- i.e., who might this person or less than two persons be? Should we assume that Mr. Mayer suspects ex-CEO Rich Ghilarducci? After all, as CEO Ghilarducci was responsible, I assume, for directing the financial affairs of the company, and did, as the Journal reports, go "MIA, [and send] a letter through his high-powered San Francisco attorneys [shudder!] to the effect that the Creamery's financial statements were not to be trusted"?

Or are there other suspects, whether enceinte or not, who have not been named? I await future developments, and future press releases from Mr. Mayer, with rapt interest.

Bill Hassler, McKinleyville

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