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'His Good Accomplishments'



I don't normally stick my neck out for political causes, but Martha Johnson's question — "How can people who call themselves Christian justify the lack of moral principles he shows every single day?" (Mailbox, Sept. 12) — challenged me to want to answer that.

Knowing how sinful every person on Earth is, I don't rely on a candidate's "moral character" to be of any particular caliber. Knowing how corrupt all politicians are, I choose the person that will do the things that I feel are important for my country. Everyone has their own opinion about whether or not, or to what extent, President Trump has been "immoral;" the same people accusing him of immorality gave President Clinton a pass for his extensive sexual abuse of women.

Leaving out the amazing stats on what Trump has done for the economy in so short a time (the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years), what I'm grateful for so far is: bolstering religious freedom and protecting the rights of those with religious conscience regarding certain social issues; strengthening the "pro-life" position, thus saving many more lives; finally taking China to task for stealing our intellectual property and otherwise ripping us off, and taking unprecedented bold steps to hold other nations' leaders accountable for their bad actions; getting us out of a bad deal with Iran as well as other bad international deals; getting some good immigration policy onboard, such as the new mandate that asylum seekers must first apply for asylum at the first country in which they've landed that is capable of giving them asylum (Mexico offered to give the Central American immigrants jobs and housing); and single-handedly re-instituting the "populist" movement all over the world.

I have a large file on his good accomplishments so far, which I'm happy to share.

Jean Damon, McKinleyville

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