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Deidre Pike's article, "Waiting for Chinn" (Jan. 3), was excellent. It was good reading journalistically as well as very informative. She wrote so compassionately about Mrs. Chinn, the homeless and even Mr. Davenport, who must tidy-up after them. The beauty of conflict resolution is nonviolent conversation. This article presented the pro and con views of the homeless and the Seventh Avenue Shelter in a non-biased manner.

I believe we definitely need to support the homeless. Back in the 1960s, the "Diggers" of San Francisco helped all who asked. The "Diggers" gave away free food, clothes, even overnight "crash pads" from their Rolodex of willing homeowners. In this same manner, I see (and agree with) Mrs. Chinn helping all the homeless -- those "by choice" (a small percent, I am sure) as well as those who have lost their homes, jobs, mental and/or physical health, etcetera. The homeless need help now -- regardless of how or why they became homeless.

I am thankful to Gil Cedillo of the California Legislature. Praise God for the 2007 Senate Bill 2, requiring all California cities to establish a zoning area that allows emergency shelters. And thank God for philanthropist Henry Trione and Chuck Fernandez of Catholic Charities in Santa Rosa.

I hope our county and local folks will give financial as well as other help to the shelter when it opens.

Jeanne Mattole, Honeydew

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