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Thank you, Thadeus Greenson, for such a well-written, comprehensive article on a well-documented solution to homelessness ("Homing the Houseless," Feb. 25). While initial costs may be high, the long term results are much more cost effective as indicated in your piece.

In addition, the current plan has the high potential to add a substantial tax base by transforming people into productive, job-wielding citizens and making our county more desirable for businesses and professionals to embrace.

My question is: How do we make sure that organizations like Arcata House Partnership, which are the major contributors in decreasing homelessness, have sustainable funding streams from which to draw and what agreements can we encourage government to make, local/state/federal, in offering ongoing monies to turn lives and communities around for the better?

Rita Carole, Arcata


Why don't the city council and homeless advocates reach out to the churches and other religious institutions in Eureka to make room in their often spacious and rarely used dwellings for the homeless? Why don't they open their doors and truly serve the dispossessed?

This is not only the moral thing for the churches to do. It is also the fair thing, as, after all, by being exempt from taxes, they do nothing financially to support the infrastructure of Eureka nor the city services they make use of. Heaven forbid they should make permanent shelters. But why not temporary shelter until the Focus Strategy plan can be completed?

Julie Harris, Eureka


It looks like the Home on the Range is getting to be a hot topic in Eureka. Especially now that the city is ready to turn up the heat. Yep, we're putting in a new happy trail for 1 million bucks. But so far, it's not Happy Trails for the dwellers of the marsh but just Hit the Road Jack. If the city has a Plan Nine from Outer Space, we friends of the marsh are waiting on pins and needles to hear it. If this is the product of the Focus Strategy report then it seems to leave something to be desired.

Perhaps the word is compassion, another discouraging word which seldom is heard. If the city fathers are ready to lose face with this disservice then good luck. I guess we will just remain on the undesirable list. If you really like Eureka, then be about people and join us on the moral high ground.

We are a God-fearing people. We have 50 churches in this town alone. In Matthew 25:40, Jesus tells that, "Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me."

I hope the skies are not cloudy all day. It's not easy living out in the rain.

Mel Krause, Eureka

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