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Human Rights Fight

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Mayor Jager and Councilmember Brady's bizarre resistance to a simple affirmation of support and equality for Eureka residents of all races, religions, and sexual orientations ("Passive Resistance," Feb. 16) is perplexing and disturbing.

At a time when fundamental human rights are at greater risk than at any other period in my lifetime, hearing a so-called community leader like Marian Brady claim that a declaration promoting basic safety and human decency for every member of our community is unnecessary and "distasteful" is beyond disappointing — it's downright offensive.

I am grateful to Councilmembers Kim Bergel, Austin Allison, Natalie Arroyo, and Heidi Messner for voting in favor of Resolution 2017-05. They are truly representing all of their constituents.

If you'd like to add your voice to others supporting at-risk populations in our community, please visit OurWatchHumboldt.org, and sign and share the petition urging our local representatives and law enforcement to protect our immigrant friends and neighbors.

Tamara McFarland, Bayside


Good for Councilmember Brady. It may come as something of a shock to Ms. Kim Bergel, but there are a few of us in Eureka that did vote for Trump. I don't know whether our councilmembers watch local channel KIEM-TV, but it recently held a poll on whether to become a sanctuary city and viewers voted 80 to 20 percent against.

As for illegal immigrants, I came over here legally 55 years ago and at the time it was made quite clear that I was not to be a burden to the U.S. taxpayer. Judging by the voters' pamphlets in the larger cities today, you don't even have to speak English to be a citizen.

The way things have become, we're no longer a melting pot, we're not even a salad bowl, we're a T.V. dinner!

Richard C. Brown, Eureka


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