Humboldt Depression 

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OF 8
Eureka High history teacher Craig Parker in front of the industrial arts building that the Public Works Administration helped build. Photo by Heidi Walters
Plaque from the shop building at Eureka High whose construction in the late 1930s was partly funded through Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. Photo by Heidi Walters
Jeanne Nash and her brother Donn Johnson with a photo of the inside of their father’s clothing store for men, Arthur Johnson’s, in the 1930s. Photo by Heidi Walters
Bruce Pettit, of Heritage Antiques & Coins in Eureka, appraises a bowl brought in by Thomas McLafferty to see if it has any silver in it. Photo by Heidi Walters
Sierra Anderson, a coffee-slinger at Ramone’s Bakery in Old Town Eureka, may be young but she’s learned from the old folks to mind her money. Photo by Heidi Walters
The county’s public health branch building in Eureka was built in 1939 under the New Deal as a juvenile detention home. Photo by Heidi Walters
"Good advice." Photo by Heidi Walters

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