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'Impossible to Breathe'



This is a humanitarian plea (NCJ Daily, Oct. 1).

For the last several days, the air quality in Hoopa has been over 500 points (see purpleair.com). The scale for pollution tops out at 500 so it must be nearly impossible to breathe there. I am requesting that the cities of Arcata and Eureka, surrounding towns, nonprofit organizations, private building owners and the county itself immediately set up emergency clean air shelters. We have large empty buildings — community centers, vets halls, large vacant stores and other buildings — where we can start offering respite today. We must offer emergency and immediate housing to anyone from Hoopa or any area in Humboldt County that is experiencing air quality worse than 200 on the scale.

We in Humboldt County are one large community and we must help each other out when there is a critical need. Now is such a time. We must act quickly as this is an emergency.

Please, this is a humanitarian crisis.

Fhyre Phoenix, McKinleyville

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