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I'm not even sure what side of the "issue" you're taking but clearly somebody somewhere doesn't have any understanding of how the California Massage Therapy Council works ("Mayor Jager's Merry Massage Brigade," June 5). Prior to its creation a few years ago, every city or county had its own regulations for massage businesses — and if you moved from city A to city B you'd have to go through the entire background check, fingerprinting, etc. again. And again. With the CMTC, there is now a uniform licensing standard across the state which, yes, does prevent having to pay for a local permit annually.

However it is only a licensing board. Business licenses are still issued locally (and, at least in Eureka, one still has to be signed off annually by EPD to renew that). If any illegal activity occurs in conjunction with a massage business, complaints and investigation are very much in the hands of local law enforcement (just like if you have a driver's license and do something illegal) and to say that all complaints have to be sent to Sacramento for action is absurd. Yes, criminal complaints should be sent to the CMTC by local authorities so licensing can be dealt with but that's a different matter. And please drop the "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" comments about massage practitioners — it's an insulting display of your ignorance.

David Schlosser, Eureka

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