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In Defense of Fluoridation



Thanks to Barry Evans ("Colorado Brown Stain and Fluoridation," May 31) for writing such an informative article about water fluoridation, its history and its impact. When it comes to science and health issues, it is an ongoing challenge for the public to find accurate information online. Unfortunately, some people use the web to mislead the public and promote conspiracy theories.

Fluoride is a mineral that exists naturally in lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater. Usually, the level of fluoride is too low to protect the enamel coating of our teeth. By adding a little more fluoride to drinking water, local water systems are able to reduce the rate of cavities in their community so that families can live, learn, work and prosper without toothaches or other dental problems. This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has named fluoridation one of the 10 "great public health achievements" of the 20th century. Do your teeth a favor and reduce environmental waste by choosing fluoridated tap water over bottled water in plastic bottles.

Matt Jacob, Washington, D.C.


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