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In Good Hands



If the outstanding care I received from this team is any indication, Humboldt cancer patients will find great comfort in staying home to receive world-class care in the jeans and T-shirt environment we enjoy ("The Cancer Collaboration," Jan. 23).

At my first meeting with Dr. Allen he gave me a card with his email address. Yeah, right, this guy with hundreds of patients is going to answer my emails. Some evenings later I was fretting and emailed a question. Within 20 minutes a friendly reply appeared in my inbox.

Dr. Mahoney's warmth, humor and earthiness are perfect for Humboldt. Now that I have read her own medical history it's hard not to wonder if the terrible accidents she suffered were part of some grand conspiracy to bring her to this present work so dear to her heart and so vital to Humboldt's. From the moment I met her I gained confidence in my treatment. She hates cancer, and as a fellow athlete I saw a game face on her that I knew was a winner.

I didn't see much of Dr. Harmon until near the end of treatment when we had a longer chat and he mentioned the importance of exercise. I replied that learning to surf was on my bucket list. He told me about a program he participates in doing surf camps for cancer survivors. He encouraged me to apply and helped me do so.

Not enough can be said of the brilliant staffs of these docs and of St. Joseph. The Humboldt Breast Health Project was also there every step of the way and a tome could be written on what their presence has meant to local cancer care.

Thank you, Dr. Mahoney and dinner companions, and congratulations to all of Humboldt on this partnership.

Ann Constantino, Garberville

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